Gabor 45.740 Study Sandals - Womens Sandals - Westwoods footwear

Gabor 45.740 Study Sandals


  • £8999

The Gabor Study are stylish women’s sandals that feature a trendy chunky sole unit.

The uppers of these sandals have been manufactured using sophisticated suede that grants durability and comfort. Buckle fastenings mean that an optimum fit can be achieved and help to keep the Gabor Study secure throughout wear. The sole unit of these sandals are made from cleated Latex rubber and stand at approximately 3.5cm tall.

These shoes are extra comfortable thanks to their ‘Sacchetto Construction’ and C+ width fitting.

    Gabor Womens Shoes are made from 45 different materials and 250 components. From the concept to the finished article, a Gabor shoe goes through 140 processes.

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