Top 10 Winter styles 2013

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Top 10 for Autumn/Winter 2013

10. Marco Tozzi 25107 Theres something special about red shoes which transform you into Dorothy. This boot is goes from day to night and the laces help fit flatteringly around the ankle which you don't get with zip ankle boots but also means it looks nice with dresses and skirts

9. Josef Seibel Mia Me and my mother in law fought over who could own these not wanting to be seen wearing the same shoe. Keeping my chief babysitter sweet I gave in and they look especially good with jeans and sweaters

8. Rieker 74385 Beautiful leather, water resistant, chunky grip sole, wool lined. A gorgeous practical boot.

7. Marco Tozzi 25411 Biker/Punk is everywhere at the minute, id consider myself a bit of a rock chick and moan that I wore it before it was cool.. however I do like the fact that comfort brand Marco tozzi is doing a biker boot and this ones my favourite.

6. DAV Liverpool At the start of the season I chose as many shoes as my husband will allow I find this welly is what I wear everyday. Speaking from experience the best shoe to wear if your 'just turned four' year old daughter is sick on them as you can just hose them down

5. Lunar boot I think this the nicest of the patent boots, really smart.

4. Lunar these are lovely with medieval and gold twist, also fantastic value for money when you compare them to similar styled Tory Birch, also I have quite a wide foot and they fit me fine.

3. Hotter Somerley After recently visiting the Hotter factory in Skelmersdale I have been so enthusiastic about Englands industry and heritage which is why I love this shoe, I wear with pride carrying my own Smith and Canova Gladstone bag created in Leeds.

2. Tamaris, I adore this forest inspired boot with its hippy and natural handmade style.

1. Marco Tozzi 26604 So comfy, relaxed, not fussy, everyday at a good price point wear it season after season, our predicted best selling boot for A/W 13 ** We saw this boot offered a little cheaper and beat the price **


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