Waldläufer – Style, Quality & Width

Waldläufer, as you may have guessed from the umlaut, is a German brand. Home to a multitude of fantastic shoemakers, the majority of brands we stock are German, and Waldläufer are one of the very best. They are incredibly well made and look great, but what really sets them apart is their particular specifications with regard to size. They are specialists in wider fitting footwear, ranging from a G fit (roughly equivalent to a UK D/E) all the way to an M fit (about a UK EEEE).

They are available in UK half sizes and feature a removable insole as standard in all their shoes, from sandals to boots. This feature provides a solution to many common problems. You can take their insoles out and replace them your own orthotics. You can take the insoles out to provide extra width and depth. You might need to take an insole out of one shoe and leave the other in to help balance out a difference in foot size. Or, leave both in and wear them as normal. It’s a feature that is becoming more and more common, but Waldläufer are one of the few brands that offer this in every single one of their shoes.

Launched in 1960, Waldläufer have steadily expanded, improved and innovated through the years.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, it’s pronounced “valt.loy.fer” and translates roughly into “Forest Walker”. Easy to wear, difficult to pronounce…

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