Nordikas – Slippers Redefined

If you benefit from wearing a supportive, comfortable shoe throughout the day, then really you should be looking for the same specification in your slippers.

Due to the footwear we specialise in we get a lot of requests from customers seeking a certain specification, having been referred from friends, family, chiropodists, or podiatrists. The particular requirements vary but one that has become increasingly common in recent years is the need for comfortable, supportive slippers, or as some call them “house shoes”.

Many people wear sensible shoes when out and about, but revert back to wearing flimsy, unsupportive slippers at home, nullifying the benefits of their outdoor shoes. Brands like Rieker, Romika and Josef Seibel have offered examples of these supportive house shoes, and many of our customers have previously worn Skechers for this role, however, the brand that specialises in this area is Nordikas.

Nordikas are a traditional Spanish manufacturer that have been producing slippers since 1983. They believe the home is the most important place in the world, whether it be the safe haven in which you spend the majority of your time, or that brief sanctuary you cherish between long days. They want that relief we feel when arriving home to be expanded, and do so by offering their range of top quality house shoes.

Nordikas are made to the specification of shoes, providing a level of support and comfort far beyond that found in most other slippers. The soles they feature are the standard of outdoor shoes and can be worn as such, whether you’re popping to the local shop or just putting the bins out. To this day they are designed and made in Spain, where many wear them all day long regardless of whether they are inside or out.

Available in polished leather or suede, with a vast and ever-changing multitude of colour combinations and decorative options, Nordikas slippers are as easy on the eye as they are on the feet!

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